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In sex work, safe sex means vaginal, anal and oral sex with a condom. Always have condoms of various sizes and strengths ready and choose individually according to penis size.

If you have little or no experience, practice handling condoms, swiftly rolling off the tip of the tail without leaving air in the reservoir, on a dildo. The causes of accidents, such as a condom bursting or getting stuck in the vagina, are often due to the unprofessional handling of condoms, the inadequate use of lubricant, the fact that a condom is not changed over a long period of use, or that the size is only one standard size may be too small.

Your work utensils should therefore include your own condoms in various sizes. One should use branded condoms and pay attention to the expiry date. Protect condoms from heat and sun, otherwise they can become porous. There are also men who actually have a latex allergy and don't just pretend to be rubber-free. There are latex-free condoms and 20 different types.

You should also insist on the use of your own condoms, as it can unfortunately happen that a customer "prepares" a condom that he has brought with him, i.e. Punctures holes with a needle and you can not see this with the naked eye. Stealthing is also a risk, i.e. removing the condom secretly during traffic. You can file a complaint here as it is a rape offense.

In traffic, you should occasionally make sure that the rubber does not slip. During a long sex date and a lot of traffic, you should change the rubber in between, as it can rub through and tear. Especially with anal intercourse. You should also put the condom on yourself and not leave it to the customer. Do not open the packaging with your teeth or scissors. Also, with brittle or long fingernails, you should make sure that a condom is not damaged.

A condom is put on optimally by pressing the tip of the condom together with two fingers so that there is space for the sperm and no air is trapped. If air is trapped, a condom can burst during traffic. So put the condom with the rubber ring on the outside of the glans and roll it over the stiff penis and at the same time squeeze the reservoir so that no air remains trapped. You can of course also cover it with your mouth, but then without the use of teeth, as it could also be damaged. So that a condom does not become porous, especially after a long period of use, you should always use lubricants. However, only grease-free lubricants based on water or silicone.

Fatty agents such as petroleum jelly, baby oil, massage oil or cream attack the surface of the condoms and make them tear faster. Therefore it is recommended to use a long-acting lubricant based on silicone, of which only a few drops are needed. Larger quantities of the sometimes cheaper water-based lubricants have to be used. This can be used very well when playing with toys, i.e. sex toys. The condom should be pulled out together with the still stiff penis immediately after hosing down so that the condom cannot slip off. If your customer and you switch between vaginal sex and anal sex, a condom change should also be carried out with each change, since you can contract a vaginal infection if you have the appropriate germs. And of course: use each condom only once.

If the rubber should tear anyway, you should press the sperm out of the vagina or intestine. Under no circumstances should vaginal irrigation be carried out, as the sperm can be pushed further up and the risk of an unwanted pregnancy increases unless you additionally prevent. Alternatively, you can organize the pill afterwards (PEP = post-exposure prophylaxis) - it must be taken within 12 hours, at the latest after 72 hours. Who for time reasons, e.g. on weekends, can not see your gynecologist or a health department, should contact the nearest hospital immediately.

If you don't offer a condom-free service, stick with it, even if a customer offers you extra money for a condom-free service!

By the way, at Kaufmich you have the opportunity to advertise a protected service with a Safer Sex Button in your profile. Customers who still ask for unprotected services can be reported to support. Incidentally, since July 1, 2017, a nationwide condom requirement and an advertising ban for unprotected sex services have been in force in Germany! You can find more on this in chapter 2.2.1 with all information about the new prostitute protection law.

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