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2.1.7 Limits and taboos

Each provider decides for itself what services it offers, defines its taboos, determines the number and which customers it wants to meet.

It is important to always be aware of whether you want to change your own limits and taboos in the course of experience. Whether you wants to and can work when you're just in love. Or if you feel unwell, prefer to cancel appointments instead of "pulling them off".

You should pay attention to your gut feeling the first time you contact customers, whether by phone, email or on site. If you exchange the first words with each other and you get an impression of the other person, you shouldn't take the appointment if you don't like it. Otherwise you are doing yourself and your customer no favor. Make sure that mutual respect, kindness and the ability to say "no" are the basics for doing this job well and happily.

No woman should be persuaded to do something that she does not want and does not offer, e.g. Traffic or French without a condom. There are no standards, and kisses with tongue are also not a matter of course; Even if you like to exchange them privately with a partner, this does not mean that this must of course be included in your service package, because everyone else "does it that way". Define your taboos and communicate them clearly in advance!

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