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2.1.2 Health risks related to unprotected sex

Sperm and blood (including menstrual bleeding) should not be seen with eyes, mouth and other body openings and open skin areas, e.g. Cold sores on the mouth, vagina or anal area come into contact.

Unprotected intercourse is of course risky, whether oral, anal or vaginal, even if there is no hosing in the body. There is a risk of infection if the oral mucosa and the mucous membranes of the anus or vagina are inflamed, irritated or injured. Sperm can also get in the eye during facial insemination and should be washed out with water as soon as possible. An easily treatable conjunctivitis can be the result, but also the transmission of riskier infections.

Unprotected vaginal traffic may increase the risk of infection for men during menstruation. Condoms protect and reduce the risk of infection. Hepatitis B vaccination should also be standard for every escort when you start this job. Tripper, syphilis, TBC are also on the rise. Also consider getting an HPV vaccination. The HP virus can cause cancer of the mouth / throat as well as cervical cancer.

Get anonymous and free advice about health risks and preventive measures in a health office of your choice. Alternatively, in specialist counseling centers for sex workers or counseling centers run by Deutsche Aidshilfe.

However, there is always a residual risk and you should be aware of that. Unprotected licking of the vagina or sucking the penis can infect you with diseases, which is why you can also use licking patches (Dental Dams, see section: Working utensils). HIV infection is unlikely as long as no sperm gets into your mouth. For many providers, condoms are standard when blowing. Should sperm get into your mouth, spit it out quickly and rinse your mouth, do not brush your teeth so that any viruses that may be present are not rubbed into your gums. When kissing, you cannot become infected with HIV, but with herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis B. Also lack of hygiene, dirty hands on fingers or bacteria that are transmitted to the vagina by licking and saliva are causes of bacterial infections and fungal diseases.

Since July 1, 2017 there is a legal requirement for condom and an advertising ban for unsafe sex in Germany. You can find more information on this in Chap. 2.2.1 on the prostitute protection law.

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