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1.2 Which workplace should I choose?

Many sex workers work alone and unprotected. Whether in a private apartment, on the street, in a camping car or when visiting houses and hotels. In an emergency, it is easier to call for help in a brothel, club, playhouse or (meeting) apartment that you share with other colleagues.

If you work alone, do not let your customer believe that, let them think that you are not working alone. When visiting a house or hotel, you should inform the customer that a driver will pick you up after the agreed time.

Work where you feel safest and most comfortable. Many escorts receive their customers at home, feel protected and safe here. Other escorts use a work apartment to welcome customers, alone or shared with other colleagues, many offer home and hotel visits. A separate work apartment, especially an apartment shared with colleagues, does not promise 100% protection, but it is helpful to separate private life and work life and thereby counteract possible stalking by a customer (Section 2.2.5). Help can also be called in an emergency. Safety instructions must always be taken into account at all workplaces.

If you live in an apartment building, you have to decide whether it is safe to receive customers alone, especially at times when your neighbors are at home. Neighbors have the advantage that they can be called in emergencies, but also the disadvantage that they can inform landlords or the police about the work in your apartment, unless you have officially registered your independence. It is advisable to inform yourself at a counseling center in your federal state about the local peculiarities before you start your job as an escort (see Chapter 2.3.8 Counseling Centers). It doesn't matter whether you work full-time or only work occasionally, since both are treated equally before the law.

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