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1.1 Am I suitable to work as a sex worker

Before working in this area, you should get extensive information and ideally get advice.

There are also specialist counseling centers for prostitutes (see Chapter 2.3.8) that advise and accompany you. Some offer a kind of entry-level advice and know properly managed addresses where you can work well. The result shows that many who make use of this entry-level advice then decide against sex work. This is why information in advance is so important here.

If you are concerned about your appearance and have doubts about being well received by customers, be aware that you do not have to look like a top model to make good money. Self-confidence, authenticity and a desire for sex are important. In general, you shouldn't have any problems approaching strangers openly. No matter which branch of the trade you want to work in, it's not just about sex and intimacy, but about communication and respect. Mutual respect and polite behavior should be in the foreground when making an appointment, ideally when making contact. Therefore, in Chapter 2.3.1 Customer Screening, find out exactly what you need to pay attention to.

Another point is the contact with colleagues: You should start making contacts in the scene early and exchange ideas about the job with others. There are various regulars' tables in Germany and online forums with closed user groups. The association that is responsible for our professional group is the BesD, the professional association for erotic and sexual services. You can get in touch with them to find a regulars' table near you or simply to support them. Another information channel in German-speaking countries is the forum or the forum of the professional association BesD, where only BesD members have access. Here you can inform yourself without obligation and find answers to many questions. Become part of this community! Membership in the BesD is definitely worth it.

Please forget that sex work is an easy job and means quick money. The job has major challenges that can be successfully met with knowledge and information.

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