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2.3.2 Cover and emergency plan

If you receive alone in an apartment, but also visit a hotel, you should have prepared an emergency plan and ideally have yourself covered, i.e. protected (see also chapter 1.6 Cover).

A cover is a person of trust who, among other things, is informed about the place, time and duration of the appointment, name and address of the customer. This hardly works with anonymous reception in an apartment, unless you are not working alone, but with a colleague. For your safety: if you should work all by yourself, let the customer believe that you are not working alone. The number of fake inquiries can be minimized if you display the customer's phone number on your cell phone and do not accept anonymous inquiries for a binding appointment.

If you offer house and hotel visits, make sure that the customer is alone when entering the house or hotel room, e.g. by i.a. check the bathroom of the hotel room briefly. The following also applies here: in an emergency, you should always have thought of safety measures and be able to contact help.

Always make sure someone knows where you are. Call your cover personally before and after the appointment (also in the presence of the customer), it is not enough to send an SMS, even with a code word. If you work independently, leave your confidant the room number when visiting a hotel; verify the guest in advance with a call back via the landline in the hotel room; alternatively and after prior consultation with the customer, you can also check the presence of your guest in the hotel after check-in at the reception. Due to the risk of fake, this note is unfortunately duplicate

The customer should be aware that you have a contact person for your security. Make calls at the beginning and end of the date in the presence of the customer with your cover. Every reputable customer has complete understanding of this. It is also in his interest that you feel safe and comfortable.

Put your clothes, bag etc. together in one place so that everything is quickly accessible in an emergency and you can leave the place immediately.

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