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2.2.1 Information about the new prostitute protection law

Prostitution is a legal job in Germany, which is regulated by laws, special regulations and restricted district regulations.

Since July 1, 2017, prostitution in Germany has been regulated by law. The "Law on the regulation of prostitution and the protection of persons working in prostitution"

contains numerous regulations aimed at the obligations of brothel operators and sex workers in Germany. This also includes occasional prostitutes, escort ladies, hobby whores, erotic and tantra masseuses, mistresses.

Anyone who performs sexual acts against a customer for a fee must submit to mandatory health advice and official registration

This does not mean the tax registration, which applies to every professional anyway, but a conversation about rights and obligations and general information about sex work, on the basis of which registration can be made or refused. Registration and health advice must be repeated regularly: every sex worker under the age of 21 must receive health advice every six months, and from the age of 21 every year. Registration is valid for 1 year for under 21 year olds and 2 year for over 21 year olds.

Find the right authority in your region and look at the address list of the professional association BesD.

What is also new is that every prostitution business in Germany, be it brothels, playhouses, meeting apartments, apartments, SM studios, where more than one prostitute works, must submit to a license. There are requirements that must be observed and that concern the general working conditions, the structural requirements and the reliability of the operator. These include the installation of an emergency call system, compliance with condom requirements, the establishment of break rooms and lounges, but also the regulation that sex workers are no longer allowed to stay in their study. Operators must also have sex workers' registration certificates presented before they can legally work there.

The aim of the new law is to monitor the prostitution industry in Germany and to control it with the authorities' right of access at all times. It also affects the fundamental right to the inviolability of the home.

There will be an exchange of data between the authorities, which will include aims to contain undeclared work. The purpose of all these control measures is to discover victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution and to provide assistance.

Another goal is to contain unprotected sex practices through a nationwide condom requirement and to educate sex workers about the risks of unsafe sex. The aim is to suppress the widespread demand and supply of AO sex (AO = everything without means intercourse without a condom, including oral, genital and anal intercourse). Advertising sex with pregnant women is now also prohibited.

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