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2.2.2 Special regulations / restricted area zones

You should always be informed about the legal conditions on site, in connection with local regulations on prostitution.

In most cities, restricted area regulations specify where and when sex work is prohibited or permitted. The regulatory or trade office and the police control compliance with the regulations. There are also building regulations. Anyone who does not adhere to restricted district regulations can be fined and, in the event of repeated violations, even imprisoned.

New prostitute protection law, pay attention! Advertising and offers from unsafer sex services are now prohibited nationwide. This regulation was already valid in Bavaria for a long time (Bavarian hygiene regulation) as well as in Saarland. This is often checked by investigators who pretend to be customers. Not only for information by telephone for services, but also on site if the control trap snaps shut.

In your interest, you should not give any information about unsafe practices such as FO. In general, before starting this job, you should deal with all special regulations in the respective federal state and the city in which you would like to work. You just have to be very well informed. Your nearest sex worker advice center will advise you anonymously and provide all the necessary information.

It is important to mention that restricted district regulations in the different cities are rarely comparable. While some regulations make street work in a certain restricted area punishable, but work in the apartment or brothel in the same street or area does not, as in Munich it can affect all areas of sex work. If you visit a customer there in the restricted area - whether privately or in a hotel - you make yourself punishable as an escort and there is a risk of fines. This can also happen to you if you officially register (non-erotic) massages as a job with the tax office and settle in a restricted area, but actually offer erotic services. Sooner or later this usually flies up. A retrospective tax estimate is also possible, which can be high in the area of sexual services. The control authorities closely monitor the promotion of erotic services on the Internet. It is often within the discretion of the respective tax authorities whether or not they accept your job description under non-sexual names, ie a "harmless" alternative name such as model, massage and the taxable income. Better not count on it.

In preliminary talks, especially with foreign or arriving customers, make them aware of the local special laws so that they know and understand (e.g. via your Sedcard, blog or website) why you cannot visit them in a particular city district or why you cannot do so by telephone Want to make details about your service.

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