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2.2.4 What to do if the customer refuses to pay

The money transfer should be discreet at the beginning of the date; it is best to count them briefly in the presence of the customer.

If your customer does not hand over the money immediately at the beginning of the date, do not be afraid to request it. Maybe he forgot it.

Unfortunately, there are also cases where escorts look good about it and only raise the issue of money at the end of the date because they don't want to complain about the atmosphere at the beginning. Be aware that it is your business and it happens that customers take advantage of it and do not want to pay afterwards or pay less than agreed.

If the appointment on site is extended, please always ask the customer for prepayment to be on the safe side. When the financial aspect is done, you can relax and enjoy the fun side of a date.

In addition, there is no money back guarantee for a service rendered. If you or the customer cancels a date after a short get-togethers, agree on a compromise that you both can live with and that takes your time and travel expenses into account. This is just a proposal that is fair for both sides. Ultimately, each escort decides for itself and has its own rules for dealing with such a situation.

Many escorts estimate a deposit for long arrivals. Take a look at the websites of colleagues, how they calculate this sum and inform yourself in forums, where escorts exchange ideas. Keep in mind that if a customer refuses to pay for your service, there is a legal option to sue.

The Prostitution Act of 2002 created the possibility of enforceable fees. Contact the police and / or threaten legal action. If you fear aggression, leave the place first. Police make sense to make the personal details of the customer ascertainable on site and to mediate at short notice. The right is on your side.

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