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2.3.7 what to do in case of coercion and violence

Call the police (phone number 110) or ask your confidant.

Write everything down as precisely as possible: when and where what happened (date, time, place), how many people were involved, how can you identify the perpetrator. Such records serve as evidence in the event of a complaint.

You can file an ad immediately or later. If you have any concerns (e.g. because you are staying illegally in Germany), you can first get advice from a counseling center for migrants.

Go to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible to have you and your clothes examined for traces of the perpetrator, such as sperm or blood. They serve as evidence, even if you only file a complaint later. HIV-PEP may also be useful and should be started within 24 hours if possible. HIV-PEP is an immediate medical measure that can be taken if you were at risk of HIV infection (e.g. unprotected traffic).

Don't stay alone, get support. If no one you can trust is available, contact one of the projects that help women in your situation, i.e. an advice center.

If you are a witness to violence and coercion, be careful and do not plan to go it alone. Find out more on our info page on forced prostitution. Here you can find out who you can contact for advice or help.

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