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1.7 Exchange of experience with others

There are online forums in German-speaking countries, where you can discuss your job with colleagues and warn each other of dangerous customers.

In addition, round tables in many cities in Germany, where you can exchange ideas with other sex workers and talk about everyday problems.

Ask the professional association BesD to inform you about the regulars' tables in your area. If there is not yet one in your city, consider starting one and exchange ideas in forums where only sex workers are allowed. To find access to the BesD forum you have to become a member. But the BesD also offers some unbeatable services. If you have your own website, Best offers its own imprint service, where you can receive a legal notice that is safe from warning and can remain anonymous. You also need a youth protection officer for your own website. The BesD is happy to provide this service for a small fee. These are just a few of the offers that are necessary in work practice and that make membership in the sex work professional association worthwhile.

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