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1.0 Information about starting a new job

Sex for money, i.e. prostitution or sex work, is legal in Germany, but is hardly recognized as a profession in society.

Many prefer to remain silent and lead a double life. In the long run, this is very tiring and also psychologically stressful. But also vice versa, if you deal with your job openly, it can have a negative impact on your relationship or friendships and cause problems with the family, also with employers and colleagues, if you are in training, in an employment relationship or studied at the university. Some employment contracts contain clauses that prohibit part-time jobs or that are notifiable to the employer. Of course, this also applies to the Escort part-time job.

Therefore, each provider should carefully consider the decision to work secretly, but also outings, what time you may choose for it and who you trust. A double life is very exhausting in the long run, as is a life in a lie. These are essential reasons which can deter an escort from registering this special, unfortunately stigmatized activity. Trouble with the control authorities is inevitable.

There is no training like in other professions; usually you learn essential "on the job" and by exchanging experiences with experienced colleagues. The most important thing is that you get along in your everyday work and stay healthy. In sex work, a healthy body and mind is the capital and therefore you should take good care of yourself and occasionally allow yourself time to relax.

Unfortunately, the paid lust is also associated with certain risks and it is good to find out early on. This can be roughness on the date to rape and other serious crimes.

Newcomers in particular should prepare well. Therefore, we have put together information on health, law, taxes and security, of course with further links and addresses.

So notice:

Get advice from an advice center (see Chapter 2.3.8 Advice Centers). Work legally and registered so that you cannot be blackmailed. Learn the laws and tax rules (Chapter 2.2. Law and Taxes). Work with a trusted person (see Chapter 1.6 Cover), guard dog and / or security technology. Place advertisements and test various advertising texts on the Internet and / or newspapers and check what is well received. Select customers carefully in a multi-stage process (see chapter 2.3. Customer screening): Pay attention to the approach by email and by telephone to get an impression that the customer is serious and reliable and to have negative experiences e.g. to avoid with fake data. Unfortunately, there are customers who want to test you: that they overrun your time, cut your price and test your limits and taboos. Information and how you can protect yourself against it can be found in chapter 2.0 Everyday Practice.

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