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1.5 Working in the brothel, Laufhaus and apartment

There are good and bad addresses that you should inform yourself about in advance. Bad is e.g. lack of hygiene, broken beds, a run down facility or the lack of security technology as well as house rules that interfere with your (sexual) self-determination. Basically you decide which service you offer and nobody else.

There are also various accounting models to consider. There are brothels and playhouses where you have to pay a daily / weekly rent or pay a percentage to the house per guest. This includes operator services such as room rent and advertising costs.

The daily or weekly rents are usually quite high and you need a few customers to get the rent out yourself. Of course there are also taxes. Here the legislator has come up with a model called the Düsseldorf procedure (see section 2.4 Taxes), where you have to pay a daily flat tax, no matter how much you earn per day. Many brothels have followed this procedure.

Many escorts highly appreciate working in well-known and well-run brothels, running houses and meeting apartments. Inquire with colleagues and in closed forums which addresses are recommended. On the website you will also find addresses of meeting apartments and brothels.

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