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2.1.8 Stigma management and coming out

Even if prostitution is legalized as a profession and treated like any other form of employment before the tax office, sex work is still subject to a social stigma.

That is why many escorts prefer a double life and work in secret.

Out of pure self-protection, you should be aware of the consequences if you want to come out with friends or family. The so-called whore stigma forces you to take part in social life undetected and thus to live a life in lies. In the long run, this is a psychological burden that you should be aware of. Managing a double life takes on the substance and costs a lot of strength.

There are many sex workers who are additionally stigmatized by their origin, their sexual orientation or also in the choice of their place of work. Sex workers on the street are usually looked down on, while a student who also offers high-class escorts can sell them more as a lifestyle and is portrayed in the media as such. If you want to commit to this job, you should be clear about the outing risk you are taking. Also, one should only open up to trustworthy people who can be 100% relied upon not to divulge it.

Sometimes it helps to exchange ideas with colleagues who are in the same boat. It is therefore only advisable to network them with colleagues. There are online forums, whores' get-togethers and breakfast meetings that are only accessible to sex workers. Start making contacts with like-minded people early!

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