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2.1.6 Signs of sex worker burnout: time for a break

Another health risk is psychological stress that can be associated with the job.

Watch for signs and consider taking a break or taking a break.

Whether you do it as a full-time job or on the side, it is not advisable to work under pressure (including financial pressure!) And then do not exercise enough caution when selecting customers.

The most important rule should always be to take good care of yourself and therefore also to value mental health. So take good care of yourself! Self-respect, adhering to your own emotional, mental and physical limits should be a matter of course for you.

Don't be persuaded to do something you don't want to try to protect your private life. Conversely, don't play with the feelings of your customers either, always be discreet. Sometimes the boundaries blur, especially with this very intimate activity. Sex work is a "giving" profession, like other social activities, in which one focuses strongly on the wishes of the customer, often comes very close through personal conversations, emotionally and physically. Learn to draw boundaries early, say no to practices you don't want. Treat yourself to a break from relaxation!

If you ignore this, you can no longer do your job well, look listless and tired, no longer give your customers the necessary attention and it can result in a burnout.

Consequence: you feel burned out and can no longer work, you don't want to let anyone in on you anymore. Pay attention to these warning signs! Those who regularly deal with strangers in close contact and give them their full attention can reach a point of overwhelming and emptiness, in the worst case suffering from depression or burn-out. That's why you take regular breaks!

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